Yesterday, we saw the Great Northern Peninsula disappear into our rearview mirror. We spent the last 4 days there and had a great time with the locals, including the moose, moose and moose, some friendly humpback whales and of course the tiny and rare Burnt Cape endemic flora.

We even spotted a few icebergs in the Strait of Belle Isle off Cape Norman:

Sunset iceberg – Cape Norman

Now, did I already mention the moose? The moose were so abundant (we saw 47) that we had quite a few close encounters, as many of them were enjoying the salty vegetation along the roadside to our cabin in Raleigh.

Moose #45 – Pistolet Bay

Viking storyteller – L’Anse aux Meadows NHS

Thrombolite site – Flowers Cove

Humpback Whale – just off Notre Dame Island

Iceberg – Notre Dame Island

Harebells at the Oven – Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

Exploring the limestone coast – Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

Dwarfed tuckamore – Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

On the way south to Gros Morne, we stopped to stretch our legs for a minute at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Centre at Hawke’s Bay. We saw how they counted the salmon as they swam by the window inside one of the fish ladder tanks, but also how they jumped outside in the actual Torrent river.

Atlantic salmon – Torrent River