Sunshine from above, a strong breeze to keep the blackflies away, an abundance of birds on the water and plenty of whales: an ideal day for watching a wildlife documentary unfold right in front of us, from Red Head in Flatrock:

Marije watching whales – Red Head, Stiles Cove Path

Finbacks in Flat Rock Bay – Stiles Cove Path

A mere 3 hours of whale watching gave us a total count of 10 individual whales and lots of birds on the water below, such as northern gannets, Atlantic puffins, common murres and black murres.

Whale-wise, we saw 7 humpbacks, 2 finbacks and 1 minke:

Today's Catch - Flatrock

Today’s catch – Flatrock

The minke and fin whales were brief encounters, they were just passing by. The humpbacks stayed with us throughout the day, feeding, blowing, making long dives and generally having a good time, just like us.