Three days ago we managed to get off Fogo, sort of. As I’ve already mentioned, Fogo is an island and you have to take the ferry to get there and back again. As ferries go, I’m curiously cursed and there were no exceptions this time around as we saw the ferry fade into the distance from the Fogo dock.

A few hours and an uncomfortable nap later we were on the next ferry crossing and after a bumpy ride though Pothole Junction we made our way clear across Central Newfoundland to the Bonavista Peninsula, to visit the Atlantic puffins near Elliston.

We had a cosy little place there, just minutes from a popular puffin breeding site, so we spent plenty of time on the rocks gazing at these cute little clowns as they waddled in and out of their burrows. Most of the time we were out of luck because the better part of the colony was out at sea feeding. Yesterday evening though, we walked in at just the right time: it was puffin o’ clock and they were buzzing in left and right, it was a fitting end to our visit to Elliston.

Here are some photos:

Walking in on a pretty sunset - Puffin Site, near Elliston

Walking in on a pretty sunset – Puffin site, near Elliston

We saw plenty of puffins, above you can see the puffin site which gave us 3 beautiful sunsets in a row.

Mom looking for whales - Cape Bonavista

Mom looking for whales – Cape Bonavista

Caribou - Sam's River, near Trepassey

Caribou – Sam’s River, near Trepassey

On the way back from Elliston we took a scenic detour via the Irish Loop, this friendly caribou was waiting for us near Trepassey. I saw it as a white dot in the distance from the car, my binoculars confirmed that this dot had antlers. After labouring through 1km of soggy marshland and about a 100 blackfly and mosquito bites, I neared his position and got a genuine close encounter as it crossed Sam’s River to have a better look at me. Awesome experience.