Fogo Island, what an awesome place to visit.

It’s pronounced Fo-go, not Fog-o as you may suspect when the weather comes rolling in quick and thick, chilling you to the bone. We’ve been here for three days now, enjoying the beautiful hiking trails instead of the icebergs (yes, after a berg-less Twillingate they are absent here too). Temperatures have been crazy, ranging from well over 20 during the day to just above 0 at night.

Here are some pictures from our stay:

Mom at the Edge of the Earth – Brimstone Head, Fogo Island

At the edge of the flat earth, the wind was strong and cold.

Fog on the barrens – Fogo Island

Foggy day – Tilting

Tilting is an interesting place to visit, with lots of old fishing stages and such to see.

Structural integrity – Deep Bay

This house was almost sliding into Deep Bay, but it was still in one piece.

My shadow and my mom – near Joe Batt’s Arm

Long Studio – Joe Batt’s Arm

The last 2 shots are from a sunset hike to the Long Studio in Joe Batt’s Arm.