The Twillingate part of our trip through Newfoundland is at an end, and we have seen many beautiful things.

The main reason for our visit to Twillingate was its reputation as the Iceberg Capitol of the World, but unfortunately there weren’t any icebergs for us this year, in fact this is what the icebergfinder map looked like when we were here:

Do you see that big empty circle in the middle of the map? That’s us.

After seeing this discouraging map we drove out of the red area in search of other icebergs within a few hours driving of Twillingate. To make a 4 day story short: we saw 2 distant icebergs but also plenty of other picturesque things along the way.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Mom at the end of the day – Sleepy Cove

This sunset was enjoyed from the top of a hill overlooking Sleepy Cove, just a few minutes from our place in Twillingate.

Relaxing with a view – Twillingate

This was our temporary home in Twillingate, overlooking the town from Smith’s Lookout.

Fishing Stage – Salt Harbour

Mom – Tizzard’s Harbour

Because there weren’t any icebergs nearby, we fanned out and got to explore a lot of small but scenic communities like these.

Oceanside Nature Trail – Leading Tickles

Leading Tickles was one of the sites marked by, but alas the iceberg was no longer there when we arrived.