After all the hoopla about Icelandic volcanos and British Airlines strikes it seems a small miracle that my mother made it to Newfoundland today. She had a good trip without any trouble or delays. I picked her up at the airport and after unpacking the gifts she brought with her from my sister and grandparents (thanks!), we went for a walk on the beach in Torbay and in Middle Cove:

Mom at our local beach – Torbay

Mom at Middle Cove beach – Middle Cove

This was a great way to get some fresh air after being cooped up in a flying tin can for a day; after this walk on the beach we had some dinner and picked up the rental car:

A brand new Impala – Torbay

The car is a beauty, a brand new vehicle that will get us around the island just fine. It’s not as big as the car we had last time though.