Look at this, the iceberg limit is creeping up on us:

Iceberg locations - Environment Canada

Iceberg locations – Environment Canada

I know, I know, me and my icebergs again. Those of you who talk with me on a regular basis must think I’m terribly single-minded. Fair enough, but these icebergs are on my mind for a good reason: this is in all probability our last spring in Newfoundland and our last chance to see icebergs… Even if there are only a handful headed for us.

The curious thing is that half the Newfoundlanders I talk to don’t care much for icebergs. They’ve grown up with them and by now they don’t even give them a second glance; they’d sooner think of them as a nuisance for bringing cold weather along.

Not me, I love ’em, can’t get enough!