When I moved to Newfoundland in late 2008, I was very excited about the prospect of seeing icebergs the following spring.

As it turned out, the 2009 iceberg season was OK, but not stellar. I saw my first icebergs in April of that year and still remember them fondly, but compared to icebergs from earlier years the 2009 ones were not very big or spectacular. This year, the icebergs are still far away, even now in May.

I look for them using several online tracking sources, such as icebergfinder.com and the Canadian Ice Service. Here’s what greeted me today at icebergfinder.com:

Plenty of icebergs, but over 1000km away from me

Plenty of icebergs, but over 1000km away from me

Driving for 2 days straight to the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula I could see these icebergs, but we only have the one car so that’s not an option. Nope, I’ll just have to wait until they make it here, if they make it here at all. I have a nagging suspicion that these bergs will melt before I ever get to see them. Last year in this week there were already plenty of icebergs in our area.

When you look at the map provided by the Canadian Ice Service, things look a bit better:

Icebergs closer to home, we’re the small green dot

I’ve been checking these maps for quite a while now, the Ice Service also charts the sea ice which I was looking forward to as well, but that didn’t make it to the east coast at all this year. If you check this map you’ll see the iceberg limit is not far away from us (the green dot) and this limit has been inching towards us for the past month or so, so maybe we’ll see some bergs after all.

Until that time comes, I’ll just have to look at my iceberg photos from last year (one of them shown above)…