Last night I had the chance to try out my new ‘nocturnal’ lens on Sugarloaf Path, since I know that trail so well I can walk it with my eyes closed.

Night hiking – Sugarloaf Path

My night hike was aided by a nearly full moon, and as I made my way through the forested part of the hills I startled all manner of night creatures just outside my view. At first it was a bit spooky and surreal, but quickly I found my pace and I relaxed under a star filled sky.

Me on Sugarloaf Head – Sugarloaf Path

The night glow of St. John’s – Sugarloaf Path

After 5 hours of night photography I decided to head back home since the temperatures had dropped below zero and everything was coated with a thin layer of frost, including me.

When I got back to the car, I had some ice-scraping to do:

Frost-coated car – Sugarloaf Path