While I’m hoping to go outside soon to try out a new lens that is best suited for use in the night time, I’m kind of reluctant to leave the house for the moment. Not that I don’t like the F, it’s more the R and the D I’m weary of. For those of you outside Newfoundland, the three letters R D and F are synonymous with spring weather here, they stand for Rain, Drizzle and Fog.

Tonight the fog is especially thick, it serves not only as a cover of light but also of sounds. All was dark and not a leaf whispered as I passed by, a very eery mood indeed:

Stop - Torbay

Stop – Torbay

Fog - Torbay

Fog – Torbay

Backyard fog - Torbay

Backyard fog – Torbay

It might sound crazy, but I’ll even miss the RDF if it turns out we have to leave in a few months.