The last couple of days have been clear and blue, the kind of weather that’s great for hiking but not quite ideal for photography, as shadows are often harsh and the lack of clouds in the sky can make photos look a little empty.

Clear blue skies are great for fake miniature photography though:

Miniature model of Torbay – Torbay

This is a real photo of Torbay, but with a sort of special effect applied to it to make it look like a miniature model. The clear blue sky helps with this effect because an actual miniature model is often well lit with bright colours, and without clouds that of course wouldn’t exist in the plastic miniature world.

One thing that would improve this fake miniature would be to take the photo from a higher viewpoint, as that would make the observer think they’re looking down on something smaller than it actually is. As there aren’t any high vantage points in Torbay, for this attempt the view from Torbay Road had to do.

In St. John’s the opportunities are more plentiful, with high hills overlooking the city and even a few tall buildings to peek down from. If I had friends in those high places it could certainly help these kinds of shots, but for now a high hill will have to do. This next fake miniature was shot from Gibbet Hill, overlooking the Johnson Geo Centre:

Miniature model of the Johnson Geo Centre – St. John’s