This morning I checked the Rooms webcam and I was greeted by a gorgeous image of shallow fog flowing into St. John’s harbour through the Narrows:

Shallow Fog on the CBC HarbourCam - St. John's

Shallow Fog on the CBC HarbourCam – St. John’s

After dropping off Marije at the OSC I wanted to go see it for myself, so I walked up the Sugarloaf and into the fog.

The start of Sugarloaf Path consists of a short climb and a narrow path that winds through a stretch of sharp and jagged rocks. In this place the thick mist enveloped me whole and I couldn’t see for more than 20 m in any direction, creating the illusion of a bleak and barren world where I was all alone. The scene reminded me of a place straight out of Lord of the Rings, called Emyn Muil:

Emyn Muil – Sugarloaf Path

On top of the Sugarloaf I could see over the fog, the world felt completely different and there were 2 other hikers already there, with whom I shared a few kilometres of trail:

Top of the fog – Sugarloaf Path

As you can see the fog had risen considerably since this morning. On the webcam image I estimate the top of the fog at some 60 m, but when I was on top of the Sugarloaf the fog wasn’t more than 20 m below me (making it 110 m high).

Selfie – Sugarloaf Path

Into the fog again – Sugarloaf Path

As I walked down the Sugarloaf on the other side I entered the fog again and never came back out. On the way back the fog had eaten all of the Sugarloaf and then some.

Near Small Point – Sugarloaf Path