Well, I finally made it onto the Bell Island ferry today, so I enjoyed myself on the unique trails at the northern tip near the Bell Island lighthouse. The sky was blue, the sun was bright, here are some photos:

The lighthouse – Bell Island

Sheer cliffs – Bell Island

Long Harry Point – Bell Island

Cliffs near the lighthouse – Bell Island

As the temperature rose I was able to enjoy most of the day without a jacket when I arrived at the beach near Number 2 Cove. The number 2 refers to one of the mines I suppose, this island used to be the centre of Newfoundland with its major iron ore mining industry. Near Number 2 there’s a nice place called the Grebe’s Nest, it’s a secluded beach which can only be reached by kayak or by walking through a dark mining tunnel:

Grebe’s Nest tunnel – Bell Island

Here’s the tunnel now, as you can see it resembles a gaping mouth ready to snap shut with its icicle-lined jaws. Had the tunnel been at beach level I would have entered it, but the short slope to the entrance was coated with a thick layer of ice from the cliffs above so I figured I would come back another time. Here’s the view from the tunnel’s mouth, looking the other way:

Iron ore beach at Shoe Rock – Bell Island

After this I hurried back to the ferry, there was a long line of cars there because one of the ferries is out of order. The line was so long I missed one launch and had to get on the next one.

be patient when visiting Bell Island

Full load – Bell Island Ferry

Back to Portugal Cove – Bell Island Ferry