Two days ago there was a flurry of activity at Quidi Vidi Lake, a few bald eagles and an otter were sighted. I was hiking the South Side Hills that day so I didn’t find out about this local wildlife show until I heard about it on the radio.

This morning I visited the lake to see if the eagles and otter were still there, but alas it seems I missed it. There were plenty of people with big lenses around the lake, making conversation since there wasn’t much to see except a lot of ducks. A few people I talked to mentioned that otters like to attack ducks, so after seeing these ducks chilling and relaxing in the water I figured there was no otter coming to meet me today.

Since I didn’t get to see it myself, I was looking for photos of this otter on the web. I’ve found a few great shots made by Brian Carey, he’s got a few otter photo’s up on his flickr page and his red bubble page. Check them out, they’re awesome, I hope I get to see an otter too someday. 🙂