Today we had the car in the garage for most of the day, I made an appointment for today specifically because the weather was forecast to be overcast. Imagine my surprise when the sun came out in force, making me anxious to make good use of the last 2 hours of remaining light after the car was ready.


First I made a short trip to Paradise, which is a small suburban community near St. John’s. Someone had told me that snowfall was always more abundant in Paradise so I drove around in a few quiet cul-de-sacs to see what that was like:

Over 2 metres of snow – Paradise

Snow in the front yard – Paradise

As you can see everybody in Paradise has their own big pile of snow, reaching over 3 metres where it is shovelled on up high in the middle. In a few places, kids were building elaborate forts inside of these huge mounds, which looked pretty cool.

Fort Amherst

After touring Paradise I drove to Fort Amherst, as I had read on Karen’s blog that there was some damage from the storm at the Outer Battery which I checked out from the other side of the Narrows as the sun was going down:

Storm damage at the Battery – St. John’s

Ladies Lookout Trail

After the sun dipped below the horizon I still had some time to kill before picking up Marije, so I had a look around on Signal Hill and I walked up to the Ladies’ Lookout which has a good view of St. John’s:

The walk to Ladies’ Lookout – St. John’s

Sunset view from Ladies’ Lookout – St. John’s