For a few days it has been in the forecast and today it’s really here: a blizzard.

A blizzard is just a fancy name for a snowstorm if you ask me, but looking outside does have me convinced that going outside is a bad idea. Have a look out of our window for yourself:

I’m sure the snowmobiling crowd will have a great day tomorrow, they’re always zipping around in our backyard and on the trail after a bit of snow.

Update 1

After I blogged about this I started a time lapse recording of the view outside. Here’s a short clip, were every frame you see is 4 minutes after the previous one:

Update 2

The morning after the blizzard, the weather is much calmer and some people are venturing outside, for some groceries I guess. I don’t have plans yet as our front door needs some work before I can get out. Here’s our backyard window again, with Marije enjoying the view:

Snowdrift in our backyard – Torbay