This morning I hiked the southern end of Sugarloaf Path where the trail runs through a lovely landscape known as the ‘White Hills’, which today was aptly covered in snow.

Since this was my first hike on this side of Sugarloaf Path I mistakenly used the wrong entrance, quite easily done with all this snow. I just followed the first set of bootprints onto the hills and soon found out I was on some sort of outdoor mountain bike path, which was pretty hard to climb in these conditions. After a while I crossed path with the regular hikers trail so I stayed on that path and had a much easier time getting around.

Here are some shots of today, the weather wasn’t super sunny but it was nice nonetheless:

White Hills – Sugarloaf Path, above Quidi Vidi

Quidi Vidi Gut – Sugarloaf Path

Cliffside stage – Sugarloaf Path

Looking towards the ocean – Sugarloaf Path