What a great day, after a videochat with my grandparents I headed outside to enjoy the nice weather on a short hike to Tappers Cove, which is just a few kilometres down the road from where we live.

On the way there I was being challenged by my shadow to go faster, it was a long way ahead of me and even uphill it kept up a relentless pace. My shadow apparently has better stamina than I have and as you can see it also has much longer legs:

Long shadow – Father Troy’s Trail

Around the bend I finally overtook it and I took a picture of Torbay on a quiet winter day:

Torbay – Father Troy’s Trail

At Tappers Cove I took a series of test photos because I suspected an element was misaligned in my fisheye lens. I’m rather unlucky with these things, I guess that’s just to keep everything in balance since we’re living in such a beautiful place.

After Tappers Cove the going got a little slippery, have a look at these stairs:

Slippery when frozen – Father Troy’s Trail

As you can see by the icicles, these steps are really treacherous. I slipped on them, fell down the stairs and when I got up again I had a searing pain in my head! Turns out I fell into an icicle!

Silliness at Tappers Cove – Father Troy’s Trail

Luckily, icicles are made of water and I convinced myself that it would dry, and I’m OK now.

After the icicle incident I walked back home and took this photo as it was getting dark:

Hidden beach at Watts Cove – Father Troy’s Trail

Torbay has several beaches, this one is hidden from sight if you’re on the big beach at the end of the bay.