December 2nd marks the day of my arrival in Newfoundland 1 year ago. I’ve seen a lot of cool things this past year and I’m happy to say I’m still discovering new places every week. Today I discovered a beautiful new place called Cripple Cove.

I found it in a roundabout way after trying to find a parking spot, then following a few moose, then seeing an East Coast Trail trailhead on the side of the road to Cape St. Francis. When I parked at this trailhead I met an 84-year-old who told me he was going to clear away the fallen trees that had fallen down on the trail to Cripple Cove:

Trail obstruction – Cripple Cove Path

After asking about the trail and the destination, I set off on my hike. On the way in I could barely get through but thanks to his tree-clearing efforts I was able to hike the trail without any obstructions on the way back a few hours later.

Quiet forest trail – Cripple Cove Path

Steep forest trail – Cripple Cove Path

The trail to Cripple Cove is mostly a forest trail, except around the halfway point where it crosses a few exposed hills. Today, the wind was even worse than 2 days ago and it is hard to describe how much ‘fun’ I had walking into the gale force wind.

Big Cove North – Cripple Cove Path

On the way from Big Cove North to Cripple Cove I passed a waterfall where the water was supposed to drop about 60 m into the ocean. However, with the winds being so strong, the falling water blew straight up into the trees where it froze on the branches leaving behind a thick coat of ice!

Down by the ocean I became a favourite target for the many small waterspouts, blasting me with salt spray in the face. At Cripple Cove itself, my flailing camera-strap decided to hit the shutter button a few times while I was busy holding my tripod down on the rocks to prevent it from taking off; I now have 2 nice black photos the wind made for me. 🙂

At Cripple Cove, camera hidden from the wind – Cripple Cove Path

Above Cripple Cove – Cripple Cove Path

Middle Cove beach

After my hike I returned home to prepare for the evening shoot. To commemorate my first year in Newfoundland I had an appointment with a full moon rising just after sunset. I enjoyed this festive occasion on Middle Cove beach, on the way to pick up Marije:

Moonrise – Middle Cove beach