Waterfall in Bowring Park - St. John's

Waterfall in Bowring Park – St. John’s

Yesterday I stopped by Bowring Park for a minute just to see how the foliage was doing. I ended up standing in one spot for over 6 hours…

I can assure you that this is not normal for me. I hate standing still and when I do manage to do so for a while it is usually for a good reason. This time the reason was Brown Trout: just when I was passing the waterfalls I saw one jumping up the falls and I decided to stick around to see if more trout would try it.

When you stand still for such a long time, you meet a lot of people (Hi Karen!). Usually I’m the one walking around and far away from the city too, so I don’t meet a lot of people. Yesterday though, I must have had conversations with about a dozen people. Most were already familiar with these aquatic acrobats and they told me that this was the tail end of the jumping season. Just a month earlier the bigger fish (like Atlantic Salmon) had made the jump so if I’m still in Newfoundland next year I’ll have to go take a look in September and October.

Still, for a first time jumping event I got away with some nice shots, not brilliant or anything but practice makes perfect and I’ll have to try some more next year.

Jumping Brown Trout - St. John's

Jumping Brown Trout – St. John’s

Jumping Brown Trout - St. John's

Jumping Brown Trout – St. John’s

As you can see the water is pretty rough on the fish. Often a huge leap only resulted in a trout crashing into one of the big rocks. I doubt many trout managed to scale the waterfalls yesterday, it was just too powerful. This morning at the falls, the water level had fallen more than a foot so I guess the fish that had a problem yesterday have made it today. The only fish I saw today were less than half the size of the ones in these pictures.

Jumping Brown Trout - St. John's

Jumping Brown Trout – St. John’s

Over the falls there was a bridge, at times a squirrel would come out of the park and cross the bridge to return with a large pine cone. Very cute:

Squirrel preparing for winter - St. John's

Squirrel preparing for winter – St. John’s


Going through my photos, I noticed I took a few shots of the signs concerning the jumping fish, here they are, they might be useful:

Fish Ladder information - St. John's

Fish Ladder information – St. John’s

Fish Habitat information - St. John's

Fish Habitat information – St. John’s

The last one is a bit too wide for this blog, so click on it if you want to have a better look.