It’s snowing in Newfoundland. At the moment it’s not making Torbay any whiter, it’s just floating gently past my window. I guess this marks the beginning of a new winter, and that means I have now seen all 4 seasons in our new home. For 2009 that means a mild winter, an early spring, a hot summer and a wet fall.

Seasons of 2009 - Newfoundland

Seasons of 2009 – Newfoundland

As a photographer I’m very happy to live where I do, Newfoundland is beautiful in all seasons, and if the next year is anything like this past year I’ll be very pleased. I just hope I don’t have to miss my camera to Nikon service for 3 months again.

This weekend is Halloween, my first Halloween and I’ll let you know how that works out. We’re not putting on any costumes but we did spend some money on candy for the trick’n’treaters. Our neighbour says we can expect dozens of kids stopping by…