I drive by Middle Cove beach every day, usually I stop to stretch my legs on the beach but today I explored a bit of forest trail there too.

I was hoping the trail would lead all the way to Torbay, and I think it does on a normal day, but because of the storm and the enduring rain these past few weeks there are some natural barriers in place right now.

Aside from this recent storm damage the trail is in pretty good shape, just look out for slippery roots along the trail and mind your step when the path leads right up to the edge of the cliffs.

Here are some shots to show you what it was like, I used my small waterproof camera, since the weather was pretty wet:

Looking back on the beach – Middle Cove

In this pic you can see where I parked our car. The next 2 shots are still very close to the beach, you get a great view on the cliffs below Marine Drive from several spots along the trail:

Marine Drive cliffs – Middle Cove trail

Marine Drive cliffs – Middle Cove trail

Squirrel sign – Middle Cove trail

Further into the forest there is a short stretch of trail that will poke your eyes out if you’re not careful:

Grabby branches – Middle Cove trail

Mushrooms cover the forest floor:

Mushroom – Middle Cove trail

This is where the coastal side of the trail ended for me today, I’ll have to take Marije to these tidal pools one day, she likes those:

Tide pools – Middle Cove trail

There’s a big house right next to the trail here, they must have a great view. You can see it in the top left corner if this shot:

Private residence – Middle Cove trail

I took another route back to the car, the storm knocked down a few trees there:

Storm damage – Middle Cove trail

This trail is now an official part of the East Coast Trail called Silver Mine Head Path