Today was the calm day before the storm. The Weather Network is predicting 50 to 60 mm of rainfall for tomorrow, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, up to 140 km/h on the coast.

That’s both quite serious and quite unfortunate because it seems to me that a lot of trees will be stripped bare, with less than half of them having changed into their autumnal costumes yet. That’s why today I took the opportunity to photograph the early fall foliage in Bowring Park.

This is my first fall season in Newfoundland, and it is a bit different from what I’m used to in Holland. The colours of some trees seem downright unnatural, but beautiful nonetheless. There are still tons of insects flying around, not the annoying kind but the cute ones like bees and butterflies. That seems peculiar to me, but apparently they still have some unfinished business here in Newfoundland. I just hope they can weather the storm tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from today:

Marine Drive

A calm October day – Outer Cove

This was on the drive to work, small puffy clouds were drifting over the Atlantic, begging to be photographed. Who am I to say no to a cloud?

Fall colours – Marine Drive

Dogberries – Marine Drive

These red dogberries are all over the place on the way to work. In Holland they are called lijsterbessen after the bird that eats them. However, there are no lijsters here so I’ll have to wait and see who eats these sparkling red treats over here, certainly it won’t be dogs.

Bowring Park

Unreal colours – Bowring Park

These are the unnatural colours I was talking about earlier, no need for Photoshop unless you want to turn the volume of these colours down a notch. These small bushes are all over the park and adorn many gardens around here, so maybe it’s sort of natural after all.

Fall colours – Bowring Park

Bowring Park is crossed by 2 small rivers and many streams, today they were moving massive amounts of water because of all the rainfall from last week. Anywhere you stand still alongside the river or waterfalls, ducks will fly to you expecting to be fed. If you don’t like ducks, just borrow one of the many stray toddlers running around the park, ducks will scoot off in all directions when confronted with a small screaming infant.

Wild mushrooms – Bowring Park

Everywhere you go on the trail (and in the park apparently) you can find mushrooms these days. When I was hiking the trails in Gros Morne a few weeks ago my mom and I saw a different kind of mushroom every few metres, a real pleasure for any nature lover. 🙂