The first days of October were the last days of my mom’s visit to Newfoundland, even though the weather was wet and foggy, we had a great time hiking and sightseeing around the Avalon Peninsula:

Gannets in the mist – Cape St. Mary’s

Gannets in the mist – Cape St. Mary’s

This is mom watching the northern gannets closely with my binoculars, even in the mist Cape St. Mary’s is a great place to visit.

Here we are enjoying a leisurely Saturday at Salmonier Nature Park, seeing all sorts of Newfoundland creatures:

Marije and I – Salmonier Nature Park

Newfoundland pine marten – Salmonier Nature Park

Snowy owl – Salmonier Nature Park

These next shots are from the East Coast Trail north of Torbay:

Mom on the trail in Pouch Cove – Biscan Cove Path

Mom at Stiles Cove – Stiles Cove Path

Together at Stiles Cove – Stiles Cove Path

After a these hikes we went to Middle Cove beach, the sea was putting on a great show with huge waves crashing into the cliffs and the pebble beach was pushed upwards at least 2 metres.

Mom holding some seaweed – Middle Cove beach

The streets of St. John’s are very steep in some places and the houses are very colourful. Too bad we didn’t have a little sunshine to brighten them up, in these shots they look a bit bleak compared to the real thing:

Downtown – St. John’s

Downtown – St. John’s

Mom – Quidi Vidi

Gate 3 – St. John’s airport

And that is the last picture, she’s on her way back home now. We’ve agreed on her next visit already, which will be when the icebergs return to our shores.