Next week, my mom is coming over for a vacation in Newfoundland! In the map above, I’ve drawn circles around the places we’re visiting.

First stop is on the east coast, on the Bonavista Peninsula where we’ll be staying near Trinity for 3 nights to see many things. The Skerwink Trail in Port Rexton is high on my wish list, but also Kerley’s Harbour Trail and maybe Elliston (if there are still puffins to be seen):

Bonavista Peninsula – Fall vacation 2009

After Bonavista we will spend 5 nights in Gros Morne NP, that’s in the circle on the west coast. I’m particularly looking forward to that part of the trip because I’ve read that there are a lot of moose in Gros Morne, I hope we get to see a few up close! Western Brook Pond and the Tablelands Trail are also famously scenic, so we’re planning to go there too:

Gros Morne NP – Fall vacation 2009

After 5 days of exploring Gros Morne we will return to the Avalon Peninsula on the east coast. That’s where Marije and I live and where we’ll show my mom all the scenery and places we’re already familiar with such as Cape Spear, Cape St. Mary’s and the northern part of the East Coast Trail:

Avalon Peninsula – Fall vacation 2009

Of course there is a lot more Newfoundland to see but since we only have 2 weeks I think focusing on these 3 areas will be more than enough for her very first visit. If she would have visited us in spring or early summer, we might have gone to Twillingate and St. Anthony instead, because those are well known places to see icebergs.


Photos from our vacation are now online:

Bonavista Peninsula & Gros Morne NP

Hiking and sightseeing on the Avalon