This past weekend we did many things to entertain our guest from overseas, including some typically Canadian things.

We visited a Nature Park not too far away, where we saw a lot of empty cages. The lynx and mink were on strike, so were the woodchuck and the meadow voles. We did see the moose though, after another visitor jumped over the fence and scared the poor animal in our general direction.

2 + 1 = 3 – Salmonier Nature Park

Moose – Salmonier Nature Park

I bought a new point & shoot camera since the old one was full of dust, I’m still getting used to all the different settings so the pictures may look a little funky. My old camera must have known its time was up, since a few hours ago it stopped working altogether (after it was accidentally introduced to the floor, lens-first).

5 Pin Bowling – St. John’s

Last night we had a great time at a Canadian Bowling alley. They don’t use 10 pins here but only 5, which are smaller and the balls are much smaller (and faster) too. At first glance it may look like kids bowling but to be honest I think it’s a lot trickier than 10 pin bowling.

Looking for whales – Middle Cove

Today we started the day with some whale watching, but the only thing we saw were fleeting glimpses of minke whales, so we quickly turned to a more ‘athletic’ way of spending the day: an abandoned driving range.

Rogier at the Driving Range – St. John’s

This nonsense was actually a lot of fun, I think we must have spent an hour and a half shooting golf balls onto the range. We had 48 balls when we started and managed to return home with 48 balls too. Now that’s recycling!