Yesterday we took the road to nowhere, driving for 8 hours in our tropical island weather. I saw a lot of things but since Rogier has terrible eye sight he probably only saw the first few hours, and maybe a little of the last hour after a pit stop where he dropped his lenses on the urine soaked floor of a gas station washroom.

After some very sobering news from the home front it’s been a challenge seeing the fun side of things, so we decided to forcefully make some normal things funny:

Trying to have fun

Trying to have fun after a few cups of coffee

Rogier pushed over a lighthouse in Heart’s Content, posed in the small Newfoundland town called ‘Dildo’, and found a road sign in Old Perlican pin pointing his medical condition. After returning home we spent our evening in Flatrock where we saw a large pod of Humpback Whales feeding on fish for hours and hours, which was awesome.