Today was a sad day for Rogier: he had to say goodbye to his shoes. The hot summer weather (a ridiculous 30 degrees today!) disintegrated the soles of both his hiking boots and after a failed attempt to glue them back together, they are now in our trash bag.

The day was no total loss however, far from it in fact! We saw tons of whales at Cape Spear, we spent nearly the entire afternoon there and came back for an evening session as well. There were a lot of humpback whales but we also saw some fleeting moments of minke whales swimming by.

Humpback close to shore – Cape Spear

Here you can see just how close these whale venture to the cliffs, I’ve seen them coming in even closer than this but at that point I had my long lens on so there’s no perspective in those photos (see bottom 3 shots).

Rogier filming whales – Cape Spear

Rogier has shot a lot of film and is currently sitting comfortably on the couch culling the material, he’s got a lot of clips with blue water and no whales, but he only wants footage of humpbacks breaching from the ocean, catching eagles in mid-flight or making fancy moves and jumping over icebergs. We’ll keep trying.

Tour boat following humpbacks – Cape Spear

From shore it’s easy to spot all the whales, but the view must be pretty good from these tour boats as well. In some cases, the humpbacks didn’t seem to like the boats much though.

One thing that stays with you a long time is the sound the whales make when they breathe:

Pssssshhhht! – Cape Spear

Very close to shore – Cape Spear

These last two shots were both taken from the cliffs, so if you don’t have the stomach or money for a boat trip you can go to Cape Spear and enjoy yourself for hours and hours on a nice quiet place all to yourself and see plenty of whales from there; with a good pair of binoculars you can see the puffins and murres on the water too 🙂