Look who showed up today:

Rogier - St. John's Airport

Rogier - St. John's Airport

Rogier insisted I tell you he really looks much better than this, what you see here is the result of 15 hours of flying in coach, part of which was spent sitting next to 3 screaming German toddlers.

After we dropped off his luggage we relaxed for a bit at Starbucks, drove by Middle Cove beach which was totally swamped with traffic, and we finished the day with a seaside drive through Portugal Cove and had some fish & chips in St. Philip’s.

We were very lucky to see two Minke Whales very close to shore in the Portugal Cove harbour, and three Humpback Whales at sunset. After sunset, we even saw a Humpback breaching, all from our dinner table at By The Beach restaurant.

Next on the agenda: blissful sleep.