I’m slowly giving up on the Capelin, I still go and check every day, but since my friend Rogier is visiting next week I need this week to prepare and soon I won’t be able to check anymore.

I guess not

Are the Capelin Rolling? - I guess not

Today was a busy day, I checked out nearly every ‘used car’ lot in the city to find a suitable vehicle, but I’m atypically indecisive about it. Usually I just pick something that looks good, but since this will be my very first car purchase I’m somehow unable make up my mind. In the online classifieds there are plenty of cars, but the ads are often accompanied by sparse information, poorly shot photos and the ominous comment: ‘lady driven’. I’m sure the sellers think that’s a good thing, but honestly it makes me cringe when I read it; every time I get overtaken by some maniac driver on the TCH or downtown, it’s invariably a ‘lady driver’ with a cellphone between her head and shoulder, sometimes even casually browsing through a magazine on the steering wheel.

This leaves me at the mercy of the army of car salesmen and their pine scented collection of shiny rides on Kenmount and Topsail road, with only the information in my Consumer Reports 1998-2007 to counter the onslaught of their enthusiastic sales pitch. Oh well, we’ll see. For now I’m still empty handed and not too worried about it.

On the radio today we heard that a cruise ship was making port in St. John’s, one of the first of the season. Unfortunately after such a long day I missed it going through the narrows, and just caught it passing Cape Spear, but I only had a point & shoot camera with me:

Tahitian Princess passing Cape Spear

Tahitian Princess passing Cape Spear - seen from Signal Hill

My main camera is still at Nikon Canada, in a service story that is beginning to resemble a bad joke. It’ s been 41 days now and I’m guessing it won’t be back in time for Rogier’s visit. Adding insult to injury, they claim it has been ‘dropped’ and are blaming me for the damages (which they can’t show me because the camera shows no signs of being dropped).