2010 UPDATE: I’ve added a permanent Capelin Calendar Page to this blog.

Original 2009 post:

As I’ve mentioned here before, in these last few weeks I stop at Middle Cove beach every day to see if the Capelin are rolling yet. This morning I did the same and there are still no Capelin, some guys at the beach suggested that they may not show up at all this year.

I’m no expert but that just seems very unlikely. On my whale watching trip I saw the Humpbacks dive, they are here feeding on Capelin. In Logy Bay you can see Minke Whales and flocks of seagulls far out to sea doing the same, I think the Capelin are almost here.

Any day now, let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙂

Update: For those of you who wonder what I’m talking about, here is a link to a simple flickr search for Capelin at Middle Cove. Inside the EXIF of all these pictures you can see the exact dates at which the photos have been taken, from this information I’ve made this simple and very none-scientific Capelin Calendar:

Capelin Calendar for Middle Cove beach

2005 to 2008 Capelin Calendar for Middle Cove

Looks like they’re very late this year.

I’ll update the calendar somewhere in this blog when they do arrive since this was just the kind of information I was looking for but couldn’t find anywhere in this simple format.

Update: The 2009 Capelin are rolling in, Chris commented on this post that they had been rolling in yesterday and they are still doing so today.

Capelin Calendar 2005-2009

Capelin Calendar 2005-2009