Today I hiked the sunny trails of Stiles Cove Path, summer is really moving in fast now and I like it. Seeing the waves roll in is really relaxing, especially with nobody else around for miles and miles. The few encounters I did have were with bald eagles, herring gulls, red squirrels, swallowtail butterflies and a ton of other creatures, mostly of the buzzing and biting kind.

The light is not very flattering in summer, you have to get up really early or stay up rather late for that, so today I didn’t bother with normal photography. Instead I tried my luck with time-lapse photography again, since my first time was just to see what the camera would do, this afternoon I made some longer sequences and tried some different scenery to see if I could make something interesting out of it.

For my second try, I think it’s not bad at all. I uploaded the result to YouTube, which unfortunately takes away a lot of quality. When you’re shooting in long sequences, even in the smallest format JPG at normal quality, you still get massive amounts of detail which easily outperforms a fancy HD camcorder.

Here’s the clip, I used the YouTube Audioswap feature to put some free music in there. The video is a few seconds shorter than the tune though:

You can watch a bigger version of this at YouTube by clicking on the video, or just use the full screen button. HD video takes a fast connection and a fast machine, just keep that in mind, you can always check out the regular version (but the quality is even worse).

Oh and by the way: the guy walking through the clip at the end, is me.