Signal Hill is a great place to watch the ocean and the city of St. John’s.

During the day, its big parking lot is a place for those who want to see the ocean but don’t want to leave their car. I don’t know why people choose to stay inside their car, they just do. The other day I was photographing the ocean and one of the onlookers decided to come talk to me, but instead of walking over he just pulled up his car next to me, engine running.

After a friendly chat he drove back to his parking space, and I thought, why not just walk? Who knows! Many of your customs are still puzzling and amusing to me . 🙂

At night the older stay-in-car crowd makes place for a younger stay-in-car crowd, smooching and making out during sunset. When I parked my car to take some sunset shots this evening I was surrounded by cars with fogged-up windows, gently swaying in the evening breeze…

Anyway, here are 2 of the panoramic sunset shots I took near the Queen’s Battery, which overlooks St. John’s harbour:

Queen’s Battery – Signal Hill, St. John’s

Harbour at sunset – Signal Hill, St. John’s