Today Marije and I took our very first boat trip into the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, which is home to a very large population of seabirds. We had planned to take this trip next week in celebration of our 12th anniversary but today was such a beautiful day we decided not to let it slip by without doing something special.

This trip was the obvious thing to do and I can tell you it was awesome, the sea was a bit rough at times but that’s all part of the fun. 🙂

Marije – Bay Bulls

The skipper’s first stop was a beauty of an iceberg in Witless Bay itself, we circled it for a minute or two while the staff explained where it had come from and I braced myself against the ships rails to take pictures of it. It was very hard to get steady shots because of the waves, but I managed to get away with some nice wide and tight shots.

Here’s one of the wide shots where you can see the iceberg as well as its surroundings:

Iceberg – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

After the first berg we made a close pass by the islands; approaching Gull Island the sky was soon swarming with puffins, which had been merrily swimming in front of the cliffs but took to the air upon our approach.

The iceberg was hard enough to photograph from a moving vessel but these flying puffins proved even more challenging. I only had my 105mm manual focus lens with me for bird shots so unfortunately it was all up to me. Still, I managed to catch a few of them in flight:

Atlantic puffin – Gull Island

The Atlantic puffins have a huge colony on the Witless Bay islands, we were told that they number in the hundreds of thousands here. They burrow deep into the island where they lay a single egg. You can see some of the burrows in the background of the shot.

On the way back to Bay Bulls harbour we passed another iceberg, this one was huge and had a very smooth surface. Again we circled it a few times and we both got a great look at it, it had lots of blue ice veins which offered some great up close photo compositions.

Iceberg from afar – Bay Bulls

After our boat trip, we enjoyed dinner and a movie to finish our beautiful day in style.