What a great day today!

Marije took the whole day off so she could take me to the Motor Vehicle Registration building where I had to pass the written part of my drivers license exam. I aced it, of course. I now have a sort of learners permit with which I may learn how to drive with an experienced driver at my side. Of course, this is just silly since I already have my dutch license so next Monday I’ll call to schedule my final test, which is the actual road test.

After waiting in line and picking up my shiny new license we ran some errands and had a hearty lunch at Cora’s, where they serve excellent crepes, omelets and fruit dishes. The Avalon Mall was our next stop and we went there to see the premiere of Watchmen, which was fantastic, especially the implementation of the maniacal Rorschach character. If you have half a mind for superhero fantasy flicks I can recommend this one with all of my movie loving heart.

Since Watchmen has a runtime of two hours and forty minutes we decided to dine out too, at Pasta Plus to be exact where I enjoyed the haute cuisine of the Avalon Mall, which is a small bowl of macaroni and cheese.

When I read this post back to myself it seems like we hardly did anything, but actually we filled the better part of 12 hours out of the house today so I’m a bit exhausted really. Sander out!