The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful!

From today straight on to Saturday it looks like spring is just around the corner, temperatures as high as -6° today and up to +4° on the weekend, with barely a cloud in sight.

Of course, this could all still turn around so I made the best of it today and I hiked 10 km on the East Coast Trail between Stiles Cove and Pouch Cove. Deep crispy snow made the walk a breeze, last week the path was iced-over badly and the hiking felt more like skating, today I marched on without any problems.

The sun was shining so bright that my summer jacket was more than warm enough, I brought gloves with me too but I didn’t need them at all. The cliffs below the trail were so nice and comfy I decided to have lunch on them:

Cheers from me to you – Stiles Cove Path

As you can see the lunch selection is rather poor at this establishment, but the views are much better than at my last job:

Lunch view looking southwest – Stiles Cove Path

Lunch view looking south and down – Stiles Cove Path

I’m sure you can see it in these pictures, I’m really enjoying myself here in Newfoundland.

After lunch I hiked the remainder of the trail until my legs were hurting from the weight of the camera bags and tripod, I then returned to Stiles Cove and snapped one last shot of the crystal clear seawater beneath me:

Ice in tropical waters – Stiles Cove Path

It kind of looks like the water you would expect on a tropical island far away, until you see the ice floating in it. That white piece in the centre left crashed into the water just a minute before this shot was taken, it broke off a frozen waterfall making a sound like a gunshot when it cracked off, it looks small from up here but actually it’s about the size of a bike.