The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful. From today straight on to Saturday it looks like spring is just around the corner, temperatures as high as -6 today and up to +4 in the weekend, with barely a cloud in sight.

Of course, this could all turn around in no time so today I made the best of it and I hiked 10 km on the East Coast Trail between Stiles Cove and Pouch Cove.  Deep crispy snow made the walk a breeze, last week the path was iced over badly and the hiking felt more like skating half the time, today I marched on without any problems.

I made some pictures of myself using the interval timer and the tripod again:

Sander in overshoes

The sun was shining so bright that this jacket was more than warm enough, I brought gloves with me but I didn’t need them today. The place I’m standing here turned out to be very nice so I decided to have lunch there too.

Cheers from me to you

As you can see the lunch selection is rather poor at this establishment, but the views are much better than at my last job:

Lunch view looking southwest

Lunch view looking south and down

Maybe you can see it in these pictures: I’m really enjoying myself here in Newfoundland.

After lunch I hiked the remainder of the trail until my legs were hurting from the weight of the camera bags and tripod, I then returned to Stiles Cove and snapped one last shot of the crystal clear seawater beneath me:

Ice in tropical waters

It kind of looks like the water you would expect on a tropical island far away, until you see the ice floating in it. That white piece in the center left crashed into the water just a minute before this shot was taken, it broke off a frozen waterfall making a sound like a gunshot when it cracked off, it looks small from up here but actually it’s about the size of a motorcycle.