Today Marije and I went on a road trip, we made it all the way off the Avalon Peninsula and saw beautiful sights all along the way.

The photo on top shows the frozen scenery near Chance Cove, Marije parked the car right on the shoulder of the highway there, a common practice in Newfoundland but something you’d get fined for in Holland. Near Butterpot Provincial Park we saw dozens of vehicles with empty trailers parked on the side of the highway, put there by snowmobilers enjoying the packed snow that covers the land.

Taters at Mary Browns – Whitbourne

Craving refreshments, we scooped up some fastfood near Whitbourne, at Mary Browns. We have one of those here in Torbay too, they serve excellent potatoes called ‘taters’ on their menu. On the way back home we stopped at Brigus, which Marije hadn’t seen yet:

Old boat – Brigus

Rocky shore – Brigus