Saturday was very nice, we went for a drive on the Irish Loop. This locally famous route tours the Southeastern shore of the Avalon Peninsula, it passes lots of picturesque Irish settlements and offers great views of the Atlantic coast.

The Ferryland lighthouse was our initial destination, but because of the slippery road we had to stop at the Ferryland harbour, just a few kilometres shy of our goal. At this small harbour we saw a Harp Seal resting on the ice in the bay from about twenty metres away. It looked at us puzzled for a minute and when it saw no threat it silently surrendered to its slumber again:

Harp Seal on the ice - Ferryland

Harp Seal on the ice – Ferryland

In the crystaline waters between us and the ice we noticed a small aquatic bird scouring the bottom for food, it resembled a tiny penguin in our eyes. We watched this routine for several minutes, it kept coming up for air right in front of us. The bird turned out to be a Dovekie, a very cute cousin of the Murre:

Dovekie - Ferryland

Dovekie – Ferryland

To put some icing on this fauna spotting cake, a Belted Kingfisher flew by and sat down in a tree on the other side of the harbour, where it enjoyed a commanding view of its future lunch below the surface.


Today we had another weather dump, it dropped 25 centimetres of snow on an already white island. Tomorrow I’ll try to hike up the Sugarloaf path near the Ocean Sciences Centre through what now must be in excess of 1 metre deep snow. I’ve got my fingers crossed and my overshoes ready ๐Ÿ™‚

Fresh snow on the car - Torbay

Fresh snow on the car – Torbay