For the last few days the weather has been incredibly good, nothing but blue skies over much of Newfoundland. Still, it’s winter, so bitter cold winds were a constant companion to these crystal clear skies. Many scenic viewpoints along Marine Drive face this arctic onslaught head on and I don’t remember ever being this cold before, soon I’ll have to start wearing my winter jacket.

I’ve been out and about for most of the time, returning to the towering ice falls at Middle Cove beach a lot, I even have a cool shot of me at the base of the ice wall thanks to my tripod and the interval timer in my camera.

Also I’ve been to Bauline, just a 15 minute drive from where I live. Bauline is a tiny fishing community at the base of a 200 m tall cliff that looks very alluring to me. On Google Maps I can see several lakes up there between its peak and the hills behind it. As soon as I find a proper trail heading up this hill I’ll be one happy camper.

Today we had a winter storm come through, so I stayed home. I thought of calling up my old co-workers to ask them if Sander was around, but it was past 5 PM in Holland already, too bad! 😉