Yesterday’s winter storm was not very stormy at all, but we did get about 10 cm of snowfall so I decided to visit Cape Spear while it was still tucked in underneath its snowy blanket. Marije had to work unfortunately so she couldn’t come along.

Here’s 2 pictures of the 2 Cape Spear lighthouses:

The new lighthouse – Cape Spear

Snowy lines and the old lighthouse – Cape Spear

I’ve got some more pictures, including one of the car stuck off the side of the road in knee-deep snow, but we’re going out for dinner now. (So yes I got the car back out again, with the help of no less than 5 helpful folks!).


here’s the picture of our car stuck in the snow:

Parking the car, the wrong way – Cape Spear Drive

Just look at all this wonderful snow! – Cape Spear Drive