This morning Marije and I visited Stiles Cove again, we arrived there before sunrise and it wasn’t even our first stop.

Before our walk, we went to the Boxing Day sale Future Shop was having in town. Their doors opened at 6:00 AM and unfortunately about 500 other insomniacs had the same bright idea, a few still in their pyjamas. After Marije got what she came for, we had breakfast and then made good time on our way to Stiles Cove.

At -15° it was a very refreshing walk, I even managed to get icicles hanging from my fuzzy moustache like a family of tiny frozen bats, a new and weird experience for me. After reaching the cove Marije and I each took different trails, only to join up again when I was laying down flat on the ice to take some low-angle shots of the cove and the steep icy cliffs. She waited behind me for a few minutes before joining me at the viewpoint:

Marije at Stiles Cove, just before sunrise – Stiles Cove Path

After waiting another 15 minutes for the sun to rise, I felt my pants freeze to a solid state where it had been soaked by the ice. Totally worth it though:

Sunrise on the cliffs – Stiles Cove Path

Icy descent to the viewpoint – Stiles Cove Path

Further up the trail, a wall of ice drew our attention:

Marije touches the ice – Stiles Cove Path

Ice covered the cliffs below the trail as well:

Icy cliffs at sunrise – Stiles Cove Path