This morning we walked the Stiles Cove trail again, we were there before sunrise and it wasn’t even the first stop today.

We started this belated Newfoundland boxing day at 5:10, wanting to visit the huge sale Future Shop was having in town. The doors opened at 6:00 and unfortunately about five hundred other insomniacs had the same bright idea, a few still in pyjamas. After Marije got what she came for, we had some breakfast at old Mickey’s and made good time on the Torbay Road due north, destination Stiles Cove.

At -15 degrees Celsius this was a very refreshing walk, I even managed to get icicles hanging from my fuzzy moustache like a tiny family of frozen bats, which is a very new and weird experience for me. After reaching the Cove Marije and I each took different trails, only to join up again when I was laying down flat in an ice pond to take some low angle shots of the bay and the steep icy cliffs. She waited behind me for a few minutes so as not to startle me, and than joined me on the icy ponds:

Marije at Stiles Cove

Marije at Stiles Cove (click for larger version)

After waiting another 15 minutes for the sun to rise, I felt my pants freeze to solid state where it had been sogged by the ice. Meanwhile I’m back at a computer and the pictures I got don’t do justice to the imagery of this morning, so I’ll have to go back soon and soak myself some more I guess.